Have round windows in your house and no curtains?  A round window track is not only a solution, but the perfect finish to your unique room.  The versatility that comes along these tracks brings endless choices for your ideal room.   Whether it’s to create privacy, block the passage of light, or just that finishing touch needed to complete your room, curtain tracks are the answer.


Round curtain track


The simplicity that comes along with these tracks makes it easy to install and accomplish your envisioned look.  With an embedded metal panel the quality of these tracks are much more durable.  The tools needed to get started with a round curtain track will be the following, screw driver, tape measure, pliers, string, and a hacksaw.  Along with a template, measurements, and a vision your tracks will get accomplished.  In addition to creating your ideal room with curtain tracks, be sure to check out the prepackaged kits available for your installation.

Not only can these tracks be used for round windows, but as drapery, cubical dividers, high rise curved walls, and so much more!  With so many designs and trendy options no one should have dull windows.  Curtain tracks will not only change the whole look of a room, but add that touch you have been searching for.  Change up that space you have wanted to tackle for the New Year with the simplest accessory and tool, a round window or flex track!