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7 Ideas On How To Use Round Window Curtains With Round Window Rod

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 3:31:16 PM America/Los_Angeles

The right curtains determine how good and appealing your room looks. You may have the most expensive deco and furniture’s in your home but without the right curtains your room will not be appealing as you desire. Getting and installing the right window curtains improves the attractiveness of your room. It makes your friends to see as if you have spent a lot of money to improve your room whereas in real sense you might not have spent as much as it seems. There are various curtains that are designed in different shapes and color to suit the preference of different people.

Round Window Curtain


There are different types of window curtains that are designed to suit various shapes and size of windows. One of such designs is the round window curtains. This curtain is round in shape and is used with a round window rod. There are some that are ready made in the market but you can also specify the specifications of your choice for the curtain to be designed according to your desire. When using a round window curtain with round window rod there are some ideas that you should understand well. These ideas include;

You should have various round curtains that are made from different materials. This helps you to change the curtains depending on the weather conditions. For example in cold seasons you can use heavy materials while in hot season you change to light materials

Determine the dominant color in your deco. This will assist you in selecting the best curtain color that will harmonize with the decorations of your rooms. It will help you in maintaining a color theme for your room.

Get a curtain rod that fit the length and height of your window frame. You should take the measurements of your window to so as to select a curtain of the right size.

The round curtain you are considering to use should be made from a high quality material that is durable. A durable material will last for long hence saving your money that you would use to buy another curtain.

Consider the shape of your room. This will assist you in selecting the best design of round curtain that match suits the shape of your room.

Consider the width of your window. The width of drapes will help you in choosing the right width for your round curtain. A wider window will require you to use a wide curtain that will efficiently cover your window.

When using a round curtain rod you should hang the rod below the rounded part and leave the upper section of your window uncovered to allow natural light to pass through.

At we have experts who will help you in installing round curtain in your house. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time you require our services.


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Custom Round Window Curtain

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 2:33:12 PM America/Los_Angeles

Why you should opt for Custom Round Window Curtains

Bay windows creates a beautiful focal point for your rooms, it allows enough of light to pass to your window making the inside of your room to be brighter. After constructing your new house you need to buy curtains and curtain rods to install in your bay window.  You can opt to buy readymade round window curtains or get a customized one depending with your desired specifications.

There are various designs of curtains that you can install in your bay windows to make them appealing. You should therefore ensure you select the best design that will make your friends to envy your room. One of the best curtain designs that you should go for is the round window curtain. Its shape makes your window to be more classy and elegant. Round curtains come in different colors and materials hence you should go for the one that is more appealing to you.

Custom Round Window Curtain


There are many companies that make customized round window curtains in US hence you should evaluate them and shop from the best. You therefore need to gather information about these companies and buy from the best one. You can consult your friends who have bought these curtains to give you their experience with the company they bought from. You may also visit the websites of such companies and go through the reviews of the past customers to understand each company well.

For the bay windows you have to select curtains that have some meaning in your room. For instance you can select light fabrics which pool on the floor creating a romantic atmosphere in your room. Whenever your friends visit your room they will always feel comfortable due to the elegance created by curtains with beautiful symmetry.

You can also opt for delicate curtains that are supported by corded curtain tracks that can be closed and opened automatically without touching them. It is therefore vital to select a curtain design that suits the shape of your window and the rest of your room. Some of the curtain designs are associated with male while others with female. For example round bays suits feminine more while square bays have a masculine feeling.

At we have a team of highly trained professionals who have experience in designing round window curtains according to customer’s specification. You only need to specify the design of your choice and we will make the curtains as per to your desire. Contact us at any time you require any of our services. 

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